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Tony D Freestyle - Respect the Hustle

Artikelnummer: 10640

Kategorie: DVD

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From Drew Stone the director of the Urban Street-Bike Warriors Trilogy & MTV's True Life "I Live To Ride" comes The Tony D Freestyle Film "Respect The Hustle". Follow the odyssey of this New Jersey Street-Rider as he battles to the top of the heap and becomes one of the most well-known and loved riders in the world. This fantastic look into this lifestyle takes Tony D from America to Europe where he rides and trains with the best in the world before bringing all back home to New Jersey. A true story of dedication and honor on these challenging times.



Genre: Sport, Motorsport, Motorradsport

Anbieter: Tonix Homevideo-Entertainment

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Erschienen am: 01.01.1900

Anzahl Medien: 1

EAN: 3700276324431

Artikelzustand: Neu
Genre: Motorradsport Motorsport Sport
Format: DVD
Altersfreigabe (FSK): FSK 16

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